Price List

Price List of Individual and Group Courses of Czech for Foreigners (prices below are without VAT)

Individual course
400 CZK / 60 minutes; in case of commuting to the student + 150 CZK

Group courses
480 CZK/ 60 minutes for 2 students (each student 240 CZK)
540 CZK/ 60 minutes for 3 students (each student 180 CZK)
each student of a group of 4–9 students pays 140 CZK for 60 minutes
student in a preparation course group pays 140 CZK for 60 minutes
in case of commuting to students + 150 CZK

Lesson length
We are offering 60, 90 or 120 minute lessons with corresponding prices.

Do you like any of our courses? Your first meeting with the teacher is free of charge. Only after that you will decide for yourself if you wish to continue with the paid course.