Preparatory Course for A1 Level Czech Exam for Foreigners Applying for Permanent Residence in the Czech Republic

Starting from January 1, 2009 applicants for permanent residence must prove their knowledge of Czech language (not applicable for citizens of EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). How to prove this knowledge? By passing an exam. The first attempt to pass this exam is paid to foreigners by the Czech Republic. How to get ready for this exam? Teachers of our school are trained for this exam and know exactly how to prepare the applicants to be successful on their first attempt. The course is taught according to the methodology of preparation for the Czech exam for applicants for permanent residence (level A1).

For prices see Price List of Individual and Group Courses.

Review Seminar before the Exam

Do you already have the date of your exam, but are you afraid and wish to check your knowledge? We are offering you a possibility to try the exam unofficially at our school, with an analysis of your mistakes and discussion of what to focus on, what to be careful about, to find your strengths and weaknesses, to study the missing knowledge, to get to know what is expecting you – it multiplies the success rate of students to pass their exam manyfold. Price for 60 minutes of the seminar is 300 CZK (we recommend 3 hours).