Course of Academic Czech for University Students

This course of Czech is designed for foreign students of Czech universities who need to learn and practice academic writing style. The course is planned for 12 hours divided into 4 meetings (1 meeting is 180 minutes long). The program depends a lot on your field and it is possible to adjust it to suit your needs. In general:

1st meeting
style and language of academic texts (oral and written essay, seminar paper, final paper)

2nd meeting
structure of Czech academic text, basics of argumentation (Czech academic phrases and conventions, idioms)

3rd meeting
Czech citation standard, bibliographical references, citations vs. paraphrases, academic text evaluation criteria

4th meeting
the most common mistakes, critical analysis of your own text

Course can be individual or in a small group of maximum 4 students. Price of the course depends on the number of students.

Number of students & Price for 1 student

2 students – 4 000 CZK
3 students – 3 000 CZK
4 students – 2 500 CZK

Exclusive individual course costs 6 000 CZK.

Groups meet at our school, individual courses can take place anywhere in Prague according to your needs.