Czech Language for Foreigners

Teaching Czech as a foreign language is the main specialization of our school. We will prove you that really anyone can learn Czech language. We know how to lead students to their desired goal in a way that suits them the best. We can teach basics of Czech in English, French or Russian; however, our objective is to mainly use Czech as soon as possible. At our school you will encounter various study methods, both traditional and modern; however, we believe that the most important prerequisite for effective learning is friendly working environment and motivation on both sides – both student and his/her teacher. We are interested not only in the lessons, but we are also happily organizing various extracurricular activities, such as walking tours in Prague and trips to the countryside/other cities, attending cultural and sports events or evening discussion clubs. Students can use our library with teaching materials, examples of Czech literature and press, as well as DVD films. Our ambition is not only to teach you speak Czech, but also to introduce you to the Czech way of thinking.

We are offering:

individual and group courses of Czech for foreigners;
preparatoration course for A1 level Czech exam for foreigners applying for permanent residence in the Czech Republic;
preparation for Czech exam for foreigners to obtain Czech citizenship;
course of academic Czech;
one-year preparation course to study at a Czech university in Czech;
one-year preparation course for PhD applicants to study at a Czech university in Czech;
preparation of doctors for approval tests required by the Czech ministry of health;
evening courses for foreigners studying at a Czech university.